Julio César Cubillos Archeological Museum




The Julio César Cubillos Archaeological Museum -AMJCC of the Universidad del Valle investigates, collects, documents, preserves and disseminates knowledge about Archeology and Pre-Hispanic History of North South America, with an emphasis on Southwestern Colombia.

To achieve this objective, field and laboratory work, educational practices and permanent programs of socialization of the material and immaterial heritage of the pre-Hispanic past are carried out. In this way, it contributes to the training of undergraduate and graduate students from Universidad del Valle, as well as from other Colombian universities with curricula in Anthropology, Archeology, Visual Arts, History and Social Sciences.



The Archaeological Museum "Julio César Cubillos"-AMJCC of the Universidad del Valle, will be a cultural, research and academic space of excellence, committed to the study, recovery and socialization of the regional pre-Hispanic past. It will stand out for its vital contributions to the rescue of the historical memory of the populations currently living in the Southwest of Colombia.