Julio César Cubillos Archeological Museum



Carlos Armando Rodríguez


Full Professor - Distinguished from the Faculty of Integrated Arts of the Universidad del Valle, attached to the Department of Visual and Aesthetic Arts. Obtained his Master's in History at the University of Voronech (Russia) in 1980 and his Ph.D. in History - Archeology in 1987 at the Institute of Archeology (Moscow). His research interests are: Pre-Hispanic sociocultural diversity of the Northern Andes (Colombia - Ecuador - Venezuela); funerary customs of ancient populations; evolution of social complexity; social organization and ceramic stylistic analyses; and archaeological cultural heritage.  Since 1994 he is the director of the Archaeological Museum “Julio Cesar Cubillos” -AMJCC. And since 2004 he coordinates the Research Group for Pre-Hispanic Archeology and Sociocultural Diversity, ARQUEODIVERSIDAD.


William Fauldel Esquivel

Administrative technician


  Student collaborators 


Isabella Vasquez Velez

Ninth Semester Student. Academic program of social communication.

February 2022 – June 2022 Term